The Laughing Cat: Newman

Newman came to me at two years of age.  He was found as a stray kitten by a friend of the family under her deck.  Eventually he came to live here, attached himself like glue to me, and became my Studio Cat.  He lovees spending time in the studio with me, and in fact has been known to BEG me to come down to our Lair.


He is a very large kitty,  around 20 lbs, and I am pretty sure he is at least part Maine Coon.



Newman has found his way into my fabric shelves..


Newman again

Newman has stolen the new puppy's bed. You can just see the snicker!


Newman guarding Juki

Newman helping me put together samples, he is holding down the piles of fabric, tulle, organza and as you can see he is quite pleased with himself.  And yes, that is a Juki behind him..  You can see just how BIG this kitty is!


Newman Sleeping by Juki

Another view of Newman helping, guarding his pile of fluffy fabs.