How To / Tips and Tricks

Ever wonder how some of that really neat stuff you see on art quilts is done? How to use those new products everyone is talking about? Here I will outline the basic steps of ‘How To’ with simple instructions and photos. These wont necessarily be projects, but rather simplified instructions on how to use certain products, how to get an effect, and tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be adding more, taking out old stuff, and updating every so often so be sure to check back now and then. If you’d like to see a technique outlined, a product reviewed and ‘How To’ use it, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

Creating Fabric Paper

exciting new technique using a muslin base, tissue and art papers, silk fibers, bamboo roving, dyed cheesecloth, organzas and more to create your very own original and one of a kind piece of Fabric Paper

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