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I am very sorry to say that I will no longer be publishing the Textile Arts Quarterly E-Zines.  The reason is simple: Time.  To produce an E-Zine takes a huge amount of time.  Writing the articles, creating and producing the projects, taking and editing the photos, arranging everything in the ezine... I am basically working full time on nothing but this.  As you all know, I am primarily a pattern designer and teacher and this is where I would rather focus my energies.  It has been very hard to give up on the E-Zine however, I need to focus my time better.  I do still want to reach out to all of you just as before, so I will re-focus my efforts with posting FREE projects and tutorials both on my blog and on the Free Stuff and How To/Tips pages here. 


To kick things off, I have finally posted the instructions for Creating Fabric Paper!  Hop over to the How To / Tips page for instructions on how to create this fun and versitile product!

More to come soon so stay tuned!  I am getting my notes organized, my calendar in order, and I'll be announcing up coming projects soon.  Thank you everyone!



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Volume 1 Issue 3: Textile Arts Quarterly Summer 2011

Volume 1 Issue 2: Textile Arts Quarterly Spring 2011

Issue #1 February 2010 Adventures in Surface Design and Artistic Discovery

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